Chimeraland: Pets & Attendants Guide

Chimeraland is an open-world RPG game that is heavily based on Eastern mythology. It puts players in a giant sandbox where they have to fend off several prehistoric and mythical creatures while building their characters to their max potential. Although its world may be filled with hostile creatures, there are also several of them that can help you with your quests. These come in the form of Pets and Attendants.

In this guide, we will take a look at Chimeraland’s Pets and Attendants system.

Pets & Attendants Guide – Chimeraland

How to get Pets

Starting things off, it is highly recommended that you do the main quests for your first hours in the game. Doing so would quickly introduce you to its many systems, including both Pets and Attendants.

Before choosing a pet you want to embark on your adventure with, you should know first how to catch one.

To do so, you would need a Mustard-Shot Crossbow.

These crossbows can be built on the workbench.

Much like the Pokemon games, you can catch creatures in Chimeraland by decreasing their hit points. Lowering their health to about 10% of their maximum is the ideal parameter before you start trying to capture them.

Take note that capturing creatures could take several tries, especially higher-level ones.

Like in real life, pets need to be fed to get stronger. As they travel and battle alongside you, they will learn new skills and some may even eventually be eligible to evolve.

How to get Attendants

Getting attendants, on the other hand, requires a bit more effort compared to catching pets.

To get an attendant that you want with you, you must complete certain conditions that they stipulate.

Simply walk towards an NPC on a village that you want to recruit as an attendant and click on recruit.

They should then tell you what they want you to do first for them before becoming your attendant.

Simply fulfill their requests and they should come with you. Take note that each NPC has different requests you must fulfill.

Sometimes, NPCs that can be attendants would also visit your home. Their requests are much simpler than those from the village.

That said, their benefits when recruited aren’t as appealing as those outside your home.

To attract better visitors, simply decorate your home better by purchasing furniture from the game’s shop. Doing so gives you the chance to recruit epic attendants.

You can make your attendants stronger by equipping them with better gear, upgrading their attributes by using Maturity Pills, and giving them skills through Skill books.

Both Pets and Attendants have Lifespan meters. This shows the amount of time they can fall in battle and exhausting them would mean losing them forever.

Take note that Attendants only lose a Lifespan when you die in battle as well, so do not fear much about them.

That is the basics of Pets and Attendants in Chimeraland. We surely hope this guide helped you better comprehend them. Explore the game’s many systems and gather as many companions as you want. After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by several allies that will bravely fight with you?

Written by Borut Udovic

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