Chivalry 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Chivalry 2 has been recently released on Steam and many new players have been looking forward to playing the game. This guide will tell you the best beginner tips and tricks for Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks

In case you are new to the medieval slasher genre, the combat mechanics of Chivalry 2 might appear a bit intimidating at first, but don’t worry as the game is pretty beginner-friendly and you will enjoy it with your friends in no time.

1. Change your FOV in Settings

The first thing you should change as soon as you start the game is to change the Field of View settings so you see more of your enemies. While in other games, changing your FOV is more of personal preference however in medieval slasher games like Chivalry 2 having a low FOV can hamper your performance and make it unplayable.

Set your FOV to the maximum to attack your opponents easily and defend against them.

2.3rd person mode is better than first person

Chivalry 2 can be played in both third and first-person which makes it appealing to a wide range of players. While most prefer to opt for the first person for a more immersive experience, playing the game in 3rd person actually allows gives you a tactical advantage over other players.

The advantage of the improved FOV in the third person actually allows you to perform better and defeat your enemies easily in the game. If you are a beginner then it is highly recommended that you start playing in the third person before switching to first-person mode.

3. Use Duels to practice your moves

Chivalry 2 combat isn’t very hard to learn in comparison to its predecessor however it is highly recommended that you should practice your moves and train yourself against real players in the Duels mode

Engaging in 1 v1 combat scenarios will help you hone your skills and perform better when you are playing with your teammates. You will be able to identify and improve your mistakes so you can prevent them from happening when you are playing with your teammates

The Duels will help you understand the combat system and train your muscle memory faster than team objectives. You will be able to focus on the combat mechanics without any interferences like other enemies, archers or completing the objectives.

4. Punish Bad Positioning

Defence is a key element of the game and you will notice that a big percentage of the damage dealt doesn’t occur in 1 v1 combat situations on the battlefield but through sneaky backstab attacks.

You should always look for players who have their backs turned to you and make your move when the time is right. This will help you gain a lot of free kills without spending a lot of time and effort. Many players don’t pay much attention to their positioning and you can punish them by using special attacks to hit them on their backs.

5. Overhead attacks are better than Horizontals

In Chivalry 2, overhead attacks in most cases are faster and deal more damage than Horizontal attacks which makes them better overall.

As a tradeoff, they have a little less reach in comparison to Horizontal attacks so if you don’t need that extra range then it is highly recommended that you should use overhead attacks as much as possible.

They will also help you avoid friendly attacks, especially in crowded areas as they are safer than horizontal attacks. Another advantage is that most people use horizontal counters meaning that you will be able to deal damage to them easily via overhead attacks.

Horizontal attacks are only useful if you are fighting against multiple attacks at once otherwise using overhead attacks is your best bet.

6. How to choose the perfect weapon

There are over 36 different weapons available in the game to choose from however there are no stats available like damage numbers, wind-up times or reach to differentiate between them.

The little overlay shown in the armory can be often misleading and sometimes just purely wrong if you depend on it. If you wish to learn about the weapon stats then it is recommended to use the detailed weapon spreadsheet made by the community since it contains all the info about every weapon with in-depth statistics.

7. Focus on the objective

When playing the game with random teammates you will often find that most players don’t care much or focus on completing the team objectives. While the deserting mechanics does a good job of forcing players to stay close to the objective area however many players are only interested in rushing forward to kill their enemies.

You should focus on completing the objectives as engaging in 1 v 1 combat in a distant area with the enemy while your teammates are trying their best to defend a point has zero contribution and impact in helping your team win.

Sometimes a friendly reminder to your teammates via the chat to complete the objectives can go long way in helping your team win the match.

8. Use Active Parry to defend yourself

Active Parry is an important combat mechanic that most players tend to overlook even though it is mentioned during the tutorial of the game. Whenever you counter or riposte an attack by your enemy, your attack will auto parry all the incoming attacks for half a second.

This can be extremely useful in situations where you find yourself facing multiple enemies at once.

Instead of standing passively holding the block button and waiting to get disarmed, parry the first attack and then riposte or perform a counterattack to take advantage of the active party.

Just ensure that the follow-up attacks that you are trying to active parry are within the 0.5 seconds range of your riposte. You can also delay your riposte a bit since the window to perform a riposte after blocking is very large.

9. Use your stamina conservatively.

It is important that you use your stamina efficiently and effectively by treating it as another health bar in the game. You can use it to enhance your defence and in case you have more stamina left then perform ripostes instead of counter-attacks.

Every class in Chivalry 2 has a dodge ability which is very useful and requires your stamina to perform it.

Most players don’t use their dodge ability and it can be helpful in situations where you wish to reposition yourself against multiple opponents to prevent them from attacking you from the side and back. It is easier to perform in third-person view as you can see your character and enemies better.

10. Help your Teammates and Don’t be Toxic

Chivalry 2 is a casual multiplayer so there isn’t much pressure from your teammates to achieve a certain objective or reach a K/D ratio so it is important that you enjoy the game.

You should help your teammates as much as possible and revive them whenever you can. Don’t be toxic towards other players and avoid dealing damage to your teammates. This way you will be able to enjoy the game and have more fun with your teammates.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these tips to improve your gameplay in Chivalry 2!

Written by Borut Udovic

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