Classes and Subclasses in Expeditions: Rome

Classes and Subclasses in Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome is a new tactical RPG game that takes you on a journey to Rome, leading different armies on your quest to conquer Rome. It has the traditional tactical RPG elements that you’d expect. These include turn-based battles, an RNG-based combat system, loot and gear customization options, and tactical skills.

Overall, the game has received positive praise for its good storytelling and enchanting characters, especially in an era with a ton of unique figures. It captures the essence of the story of the battles that have been around for thousands of years.

Much like most RPG games, Expeditions: Rome features a few different classes and subclasses that you can choose from. Right from the start, you already have to choose one class. Here are the different classes and subclasses in Expeditions: Rome to help you find the right one for you.

Expeditions: Rome Different Classes and Subclasses

There are four primary classes to choose from while creating your character. These classes are Princeps, Veles, Sagittarius, and Triarius. Each class has three subclasses and unique passive and active abilities. Each class also has a specific weapon and armor type that they are proficient in using, which dictates how you play throughout the game.


The first class we’re going to talk about is the Princeps class. The Princeps class acts sort of like a tank and is a battle-hardened soldier. They are best suited for heavy armor and a shield. They are typically great as front-liners because of their insane durability and health.

As a Princeps, you’ll always want a shield, dual-wielded with a sword or spear. Most of your skills and abilities will heavily depend on your shield, so you essentially have no choice but to use a shield. You’re better off using other classes if you don’t plan on using a shield with the Princeps.

Princeps Subclasses

The subclasses under Princeps are Defenders, Vanguards, and Veterans. Obviously, they’re still mostly focused on defending your team and tanking damage, but they have a few variations when it comes to skills and main focus.

Defenders mainly focus on survivability and protecting allies. They have higher HPs, better defenses, and just do better at absorbing damage overall.

Vanguards are chargers. They use their shields as a weapon and charge straight into enemy lines to deal damage. If you’re looking for a brute, who can tank but also deal some damage, the Vanguard subclass should be perfect for you.

Finally, we have the Veterans. Veterans are great at locking down enemies and have crowd-control-focused abilities. They also prevent enemies from locking your army down. They are great at helping you manage huge armies.

Overall, the Princeps class is a great class to try for newbies. It’s a pretty straightforward class that’s easy to master. One thing that they do struggle with is mobility. They are better suited for using heavy armor with shields, which greatly hinders their mobility during battle.

Even though they have increased health, shields, and overall durability, they also don’t do too much damage unless you max out the Vanguard subclass. They simply win by outlasting their opponents.


The Veles class is the speed class that’s perfect if you want to cause confusion between your enemies by running circles around them. They are best suited with medium armor, and dual wield daggers. Slowly chip away at enemies using your great mobility.

Generally, the Veles class is a great middle-ground among all the classes. It’s considered as the most versatile class and allows you to be a jack of all trades, a master of none. You potentially have great mobility, decent survivability, and great damage as well.

Veles Subclasses

The subclasses are Assassin, Duelists, and Brawlers. Again, these subclasses are pretty versatile and allow you to pick different playstyles while using the same class. Some give you more damage, while others give you more survivability.

The Assassin subclass focuses on having high mobility and great single-target damage. Much like any other assassin you know, they are stealthy, quick, and can kill with a single blow. As an Assassin, your job is to kill enemies one by one with your insanely high single-target damage.

Duelists are overall more tactical and are a great subclass if you prefer dodging between attacks. Their skills and abilities are primarily focused on dodging and ducking between attacks. As a Duelist, you should be a calculated player who likes to strike when needed and dodge when the timing is right.

Brawlers are more versatile and balanced. They are great at forcing your way into enemy lines and offer a bit more survivability compared to the other Veles subclasses.

Overall, the Veles class is a high damage and great mobility class that can easily take on numerous enemies one-by-one. They struggle with surviving if you don’t properly use your mobility to your advantage.


The next class in Expeditions: Rome is the Sagittarius class. No, I’m not talking about the zodiac sign, although they are quite connected. The Sagittarius sign features either a bow and arrow or a centaur shooting a bow and arrow. You’ve guessed it, the Sagittarius class is an archer class in Expeditions: Rome

Archers usually stay behind more durable and tankier allies and deal damage from a long distance. They are quite versatile but are greatly countered by shield-wielding foes. They can offer high damage, harass enemies, zone areas, or shower enemies with a ton of arrows.

The Sagittarius class is better off with light armor for better mobility and, of course, the bow as their main weapon. Their range is also determined by their overall accuracy.

Sagittarius Subclass

The three subclasses for our archer Sagittarius class are Marksmen, Hunter, and Sniper. From the names themselves, you can already get a pretty good idea of what each subclass specializes in. They all make use of bows and arrows in unique but effective ways.

Marksmen excel at being a more defensive type of archer that helps your army by zoning out enemies. They can prevent your enemies from moving forward by denying them areas using their deadly accuracy. This can help your team gain more area and push forward or retreat.

Hunters are more close-range archers. Because of their shorter range, they can take down multiple enemies with ease. They are great at thinning down crowds by simply killing off numerous targets at once. However, they are closer to the action, making them more vulnerable.

The Sniper subclass is an archer with an accurate and deadly aim. They often sit at long distances and pick off enemies one-by-one. They have a higher single-target damage than their other archer companions. They are great at maps with a lot of verticality since they excel at great distances.

The Sagittarius class is the only ranged class in Expeditions: Rome. Because of this, they offer unmatched utility and skills that can greatly help your team. They can easily take down enemies without them even getting close to you. Unfortunately, since they take light armor, they have the lowest health out of all classes and heavily rely on distance and mobility to survive.


We’re down to the final class, the Triarius class. The final class is the support class of the army. They stand behind the front line Princeps and act as a second line of defense in front of the Sagittariuses.

They are suitable for wearing strong armor and are better with a pike and staff weapon. These weapons and armor give the Triarius class great survivability while being able to deal damage and shred your enemies’ armor.

Their skills and abilities are mainly focused on bringing utility to your army by buffing them and nerfing enemies they cross paths with.

Triarius Subclass

The three subclasses for Triarius are Medics, Flagbearers, and Destroyers. They each have unique abilities that help their allies in different ways. Depending on the class, they can either heal, buff, or deal effects to enemies.

Medics are quite obviously the healers in the game. They are a pure support class with skills that allow them to heal, revive, and remove negative side effects from their allies. Their main job is to keep everyone alive and be able to fight longer.

Flagbearers offer a different kind of support than healing. They give allies buffs that can increase damage and provide some crowd-control to force enemies back. They are great because of their ability to control the battlefield but are often overlooked and undervalued.

Finally, we have the Destroyers. The Destroyers’ skills and abilities are focused on being able to deal negative effects on enemies. They are a Triarius subclass with high damage, can destroy armor, and can deal status effects on enemies.

Overall, the Triarius class is one of the most balanced and best classes to use. They can deal serious damage from close to medium range, offer some pretty great utility and effects, and can even absorb some damage when needed. Unfortunately, they start to struggle when the other classes and allies get taken down.


That was our breakdown of all the different classes and subclasses in Expeditions: Rome. Make sure to pick a class and playstyle that you are comfortable with so that you can fully enjoy the Expeditions: Rome gaming experience.

Tailor your character’s abilities and skills using the skill tree to fit your specific playstyle.

We suggest picking Princeps if you are a beginner, Veles if you like calculated moves, Sagittarius if you want to keep your distance and stay away from the fight, and Triarius if you’re looking to provide support and deal damage.

Written by Borut Udovic

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