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Client Command Overflow Modern Warfare | What is it?

client command overflow modern warfare

Players of the latest Call of Duty are once again experiencing game-breaking issues in the form of the Client Command Overflow. The error is currently preventing players from playing the game at all. To make matters even worse the problem seems to have been carried over to Warzone as well. So what is the Client Command Overflow Modern Warfare bug, and is there a fix?

client command overflow modern warfare

How to Fix the Client Command Overflow Modern Warfare Bug 

Players of both Modern Warfare and Warzone are encountering errors while the game is on the loading screen. While loading, the game bugs out and they are kicked back to the main menu, where they are met with an error message Error: Client Command Overflow. 

Currently, there is not much known about the bug in both games, However, the Client Command Overflow error in Modern Warfare is most likely being caused by server issues. Some users found that it was the result of switching weapons to fast a mouse wheel on certain gaming mice.

In this guide, we will show you several options that may solve Client Command Overflow bug in Modern Warfare and Warzone. To fix the problem follow the steps listed here:

  1. Exit the game and restart entirely for PC. Restart your system if on console
  2. Verify the game files — Select the game in the launcher, click options, and then click “Scan and Repair”

If these two steps didn’t solve your issue you can always try to reinstall the game. However, if this solution still doesn’t solve the issue it may be an issue only the developers can solve.

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Written by Andrew Smith