Coca-Cola’s Newest Gaming Ad Is Getting Destroyed on YouTube and We See Why

One Coke Away From Each Other
Photo Credit: Coca-Cola / YouTube

Coca-Cola’s newest video game has not gone over well on YouTube. Let me restate that, the company’s newest gaming ad is an absolute dumpster fire of a lucid nightmare.

The video has received more than 9,250 downvotes at the time of this posting and less than 800 upvotes.

Coca-Cola released the video as part of a series called ‘Real Magic” which is supposed to show what the real life of a gamer looks like. It also features their avatar in a fictional game that somewhat resembles WoW.

Photo Credit: Coca-Cola / YouTube

As the gamer struggles in a tournament, they take a sip of Coke and then magically their fortunes turn around.

The ad then claims: “We are one Coke away from each other.”

We could explain the entire nightmarish attempt on unity or you can just watch it below:

There’s supposed to be an announcement from Coca-Cola on October 11 and we’re hoping that it’s just the company waking us up from this fever dream. The company tells us to “come see what real magic looks like” but we don’t wanna. We’re over it.


Written by Boss Level Gamer

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