COD Mobile: How Much Ammo Can You Get Out Of A Munition Box

To get straight to the point, there’s an operator skill in COD Mobile called “Munition Box”. Basically, the skill allows you to throw a box of ammo on the ground and replenish ammo. For different weapons, players will get a different amount of ammo. So, with it not yet being known how much you get for each weapon, there’s still debate whether it is worth it to have.

How Much Ammo Can You Get Out Of A Munition Box – COD Mobile

As I said, you will get different amount of ammo for different weapons. We believe that it’s well balanced and it comes down to the fire-rate of the weapon to determine how much ammo you gain.

With that being said, let’s go over how much ammo you’re looking to gain from Munition Boxes for each type of weapon:

Assault Rifles

For EMPTY MAGS, you’re looking at a whopping 150 ammo from a munition box. If you’re not with an empty mag, it will still get you 150, so long as it doesn’t go over the max ammo capacity for the weapon.

In other words, you’ll get the max amount of ammo to get you to 240, but not anything over that.

With absolute full capacity, you won’t get any ammo. It will just stay at 240.

Sub-Machine Guns

With sub-machine guns, it’s relatively the same thing. You get 200 ammo if you have an empty mag. Sub-machine guns usually cap out at 320, so you’ll get 200 or less, depending on how close you are to reaching full capacity.

The ammo you’ll get will always cap out at 320 or the weapon’s max capacity.


Snipers usually go up to 64 ammo and you can get 32 ammo from one munitions box. So, you’ll need two to max out the capacity.

Light Machine Guns

As for light machine guns, they most frequently cap out at 800. If you’re with an empty mag, you’re looking at 500 ammo from your first munition box. If you use a second one, it will just go up to 800 and not 1,000.


Some shotguns have a max capacity of 64. From one munition box, you will get 39 ammo, so it takes two munition boxes to reach full capacity.

Marksman Rifles

You get 100 ammo from one munition box for marksman rifles. The max capacity of marksman rifles is usually 160, so it will take two to reach full capacity, like most other weapons.


For pistols, you’re looking at 30 ammo with an empty mag and a 48 max ammo capacity.


Launchers will only get two rockets if you have an empty mag. If you have a full mag capacity of two, the number doesn’t increase. If you have one rocket left, it will go up to two if you use a munition box.

Written by Borut Udovic

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