Code Vein New Game Plus | How to unlock

Code Vein New Game Plus

In modern gaming, replay-ability is a big thing. Many games strive to engross players for hours upon hours, with a variety of side quests, collectibles, and alternate endings. One other way that developers are trying engage players in its virtual world is through the addition of a New Game Plus mode. If you’ve been playing Code Vein recently, you might find yourself wondering about the Code Vein New Game Plus mode, especially how to unlock it.

Does Code Vein have New Game Plus?

Code Vein New Game Plus

If you’re wanting to journey back through Code Vein, you’re in luck, because there is in fact a New Game Plus mode. After you have unlocked it, you’ll be able to journey back through the game, while keeping your current level and items, as well as unlocking various new endings.

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If you’re first journey through the RPG was a little too easy, when you begin the Code Vein New Game Plus, you’ll be able to increase the difficulty level, which should keep things interesting. However, this will be balanced with the fact that players will be able to keep their current level, items, gifts, Blood Codes, and map clearance from their previous play through.

How to Unlock the Code Vein New Game Plus Mode

If you’re sold on playing through again, you might be wondering how to unlock the New Game Plus modeThankfully, it’s pretty simple. You’ll be able to unlock New Game Plus once you have defeated the Skull King and Virgin Reborn boss battle, the final bosses in the game.  Once they have been defeated, simply return to Home Base and head through the door near the Mistle and you’ll be able to play the game through again.

As we stated earlier, in your second journey through, you’ll have access to a multitude of resources which should make things a little bit easier. There are also multiple endings to the game that you might want to experience. Our friends at Twinfinite have put together a brilliant guide for that if you’re interested in learning more.

Written by Andrew Smith

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