Conan Exiles: How To Summon Your Corpse

Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer survival game where players can build their own kingdom and fight against other players in an open-world environment. You will need to plunder dungeons full of loot, survive through extreme temperatures and develop your character to become a mighty barbarian.

After your character dies, you can recover your corpse to get back the valuable items that you were carrying in your inventory. Using the Circle of Power, you can not only summon your own corpse but also demons, weapons and armour as well as your allies.

This guide will tell you how to summon your own corpse in the game.

How To Summon Your Corpse – Conan Exiles

In order to summon your corpse, you will first need to craft the Circle of Power and you will need the Tome of Kurak and the Thaumaturgy table. The Circle of Power is unlocked at Spellbook level 3 and you will need the recipe to craft it. The following items are required for crafting or unlocking the recipe:

  • 1 Tome of Kurak
  • 1 Sorcerous Spell
  • 5 Blood
  • 20 Brimstone

Once you get the recipe, you will require the following items for creating the Circle of Power in the Thaumaturgy table:

  • 100 Bricks
  • 200 Bonemeals
  • 50 Steel Bar

Next, you will need to upgrade your Spell Book to level 7 to get the ability to summon your own corpse.

This is can be useful in scenarios where you are playing on a PvP server or a PvE server and you die in a location somewhere far away.

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To retrieve your dead body, head over to the Circle of Power and select the Summon Corpse ritual. It requires 1 Sacrificial Blood, 50 Brimstones and 1 Glass Flask to recover your dead body with all the loot intact. You will be able to then recover items from your corpse by simply pressing the E button to loot it.

This can be pretty handy if you are carrying some highly valuable or important items with you and your dead body is somewhere in a remote location that you cannot easily reach.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the Circle of Power to summon your corpse!

Written by Borut Udovic

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