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Conan Exiles Oil | How to Get

Conan Exiles oil

As you explore the world of Conan Exiles, you’ll find many similarities to real life. One thing that never changes is how important Oil is to the growth of your character and civilization. This essential liquid is the key to the success of your base, especially during the night. It is also a huge step in the creation of the tinkering kits you need to repair your weapons. So, you should probably know how to make Oil so you can get right to crafting this great stuff.

How to Get Oil in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles oil

You can make Oil using a Fluid Press and various pieces of wildlife. Many different types of Seeds, Exotic Fish, Orange Phykos Cuttings, Savory Fish, and Unappetizing Fish will give you the material. The easiest farm is fish, since you only need one Exotic Fish or five Savory Fish, to craft one Oil. Then, you can build a ton of different Weapon Repair Kits, Damage Improving Kits, and Oils for your weapons.

The Fluid Press is perhaps the most important step in the process, and likely the most difficult. Oil comes from a Tier 3 Fluid Press, which itself requires 50 Shaped Wood, 10 Twine, and 10 Iron Bars. That’s a lot of dedication to a single building in your base!

However, if you want Oil, this is by far the easiest path to your success. Once you get Tier 3 Recipes, you’ll be able to craft a ton of different objects. Weapon Oils, Hardened Leather, Dyes, and even Blood use Oil in various ways.

By far the most popular use of the material is for the Tinker’s Bench. The bench uses the liquid to create a stupid amount of weapon and armor repair kits and damage kits. If you want to keep your armor and weapons nice and safe, then you’re going to need a pretty healthy source of Oil.

Once you have a good fish farm, this is not going to be difficult to get. Find a good spot for Exotic Catches and just farm away!

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Written by Andrew Smith