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Conan Exiles Volatile Gland | How to Get

Conan Exiles Volatile Gland - How to Get

So, you’re looking to find the world’s most natural bomb? Good! These items are some of the funniest in the game. The Volatile Gland in Conan Exiles is essentially required if you ever want to make explosives. This resource is pretty specific to farm, however. You’re going to need to know exactly what enemy is most likely to have these. Luckily, once you know, this is one of the most simple farms in the game.

How to Get Volatile Gland in Conan Exiles

How to Get Volatile Gland in Conan Exiles

The best creature to farm for Volatile Glands in Conan Exiles is the Exploding Imp in the southern River biome map. You have the best chance of carving this drop with a pick or a skinning knife. You can also carve it from a Salamander, but the chance is rather low. The Emissary of Abhoth will always drop a single Gland, no matter what you use to carve it. And Green, Red, and White dragons have a good chance to drop one if you use a Pick to harvest them.

While these glands have a few targets to farm, the Exploding Imps are the most popular by far. Be careful, though. They didn’t get that name for just walking up and slapping you! Use ranged attacks to prevent an explosive demise. If you need to engage them in melee, then it’s best to have heavy armor and a good strategy for retreating afterwards.

The primary use for the Volatile Gland is to make Demon-fire Orbs. This requires five glands and one Water Orb at an Alchemist’s Bench. This thrown item creates a small explosion on impact, dealing small damage.

At a Carpenter’s Bench, these glands can make Acid Arrows. You can get one Ichor per 20 Volatile Glands you place into a Fluid Press, which might be the most generically useful recipe that this item can provide.

Looking for more weird resources and strange recipes in Conan Exiles? The game certainly doesn’t hold your hand on these, so we’re happy to help!

Written by Andrew Smith