Coral Island: How To Cook Fresh Salad

Coral Island is a new farming sim game brought to us by Stairway Games. It is heavily inspired by games previously lauded by fans such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game has lots of similarities with these games such as giving the player a farm and the tools to do activities such as go catch bugs and go fishing. People who wish to reap the fruits of their labor can do so by using their crops and harvest through cooking. There are currently a handful of recipes available for the player to create in the game, such as the Fresh Salad.

Here’s how to cook Fresh Salad in Coral Island.

How To Cook Fresh Salad – Coral Island

First you will have to upgrade your house to the point where it will have a Kitchen, otherwise you will have no way to cook food. For various dishes you will need kitchen tools and appliances, for the Fresh Salad, you will need the Chef’s Knife.

Kitchen tools can be found at the Socket & Pan shop in town, they will have one tool/appliance for sale every other day. You can also check your TV for their availability.

The ingredients for a fresh salad are any vegetable. This makes it easy to make and easily accessible as you can use any vegetable from any season to cook it.

To cook a fresh salad all you have to do is go to your Kitchen and use the Chef’s Knife with any vegetable of your choice. This will cost you 10 Energy but you will receive one Fresh Salad.

Fresh Salad is a decent healthy dish as it restores 144 Health and 144 Energy when eaten.

Written by Borut Udovic

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