Coral Island: How To Find Wasabi

Coral Island is a fun and vibrant farming simulator inspired by Animal Crossing where you can explore an enchanting island and meet and interact with various people living there. You can create your own farm, interact with people, nurture animals, build relationships and collect different resources to expand your farm.

This guide will tell you how to obtain Wasabi in the game.

How To Find Wasabi – Coral Island

Wasabi is a seasonal item that can only be found during a certain season in the game.

In order to find Wasabi, you will need to wait till Springtime and then you will be able to find it anywhere on the map.

Some of the best places to find Wasabi are near the Cavern and the Ranch. In case you are having trouble finding it then you see the picture above for reference. It looks similar to spinach and you just need to click on it to harvest it from the ground.

You can Wasabi in a bunch of recipes such as Sashimi and Wasabi paste in the game. The Wasabi Paste can be cooked using 1 Wasabi in the Blender and will provide you 36 health and 36 stamina in return. Similarly, you can cook Sashimi by using any Fish and 1 Wasabi with the Chef’s Knife to get 270 Health and 200 Stamina.

That’s it, now go ahead and find some Wasabi to cook those delicious recipes!

Written by Borut Udovic

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