Coral Island: How To Fish Guide

Coral Island has finally arrived in Early Access and it’s offering a similar life-simulation game experience such as Disney Dreamlight Valley in which players take a role with their character and have plenty of things to do. Buying gifts, seeds for your farm, upgrading your home, earning money, and plenty more things that will keep you busy. However, fishing is one of the jobs that might earn you a lot of money if you know how to fish.

In this guide, we will show you How To Fish in Coral Island!

How To Fish Guide – Coral Island

Fishing is part of the gameplay where the players use a Fishing Rod to catch Fish. All the fish that you catch can be used as ingredients for cooking or you can sell them and earn money.

If you want to fish in Coral Island, first of all, you must wait for the fourth day and then go to Sunny’s Beach Shack, where the person will give you a little letter and tell you to pick up your fishing rod.

Once you come to Beach Shack, you will get your fishing rod and then you will be able to fish.

After you equip the fishing rod, just go and throw it into the water and the fish will show up as a little bit of a shadow that looks like a fish beside your lure.

Sometimes it could take a while until the fish appears, but never quit and just keep waiting.

Once the fish shows up, it will bite on the lure and just wait for it to go under. To cast your line, you will need to hold down the left mouse button and then release it.

There will be a meter when you are holding down the button, and how long you hold down the mouse button will determine how far your line goes out.  

When the fish starts to pull, you will see little squiggly lines, and you will just need to tap on your left mouse button until the squiggly lines go away, then pull it in by tapping on the left button and just keep reeling, and you will catch your fish.

Written by Borut Udovic

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