Coral Island: How To Gift Townies

Coral Island is a great relaxing game that many people have been waiting for after a long time of releases lacking the feel of games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Coral Island is set in the quiet idyllic setting of Starlet Town, where the player is given a farming lot to do whatever they wish to do so with. They can also spend time with the residents of Starlet Town and become close friends with them. The player can do this by gifting them with items.

Here’s how to gift items to Townies in Coral Island.

How To Gift Townies – Coral Island

To give Townies items, simply approach them while you have the item equipped in your hand.

You will then be asked to confirm whether you want to give them the item or not. While most items can be given, tools such as the pickaxe and hoe are not giftable.

Also take note that gifts given to Townies during their birthdays will increase their affinity by a considerable amount.

There are 54 characters in the game that you can build friendships with. Do take note that each character has some favorite items and some disliked items.

Each character will react to each item differently so there is no universal gift you can give to Townies. The amount of affinity points you build with the character will depend on what item you give them and what quality it is.

Written by Borut Udovic

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