Cosmoteer: Door Placement Guide

Cosmoteer is a spaceship simulator where you can design and create the spaceship of your dreams by building it from scratch. You can manage the crew in your spaceship and take part in epic battles against other players in the galaxy to showcase your firepower. The game can either be played solo or with your friends as you explore outer space by completing contracts to earn loot and upgrade your spaceship further.

Doors are a critical part of your ship and many players face issues when it comes to placing doors correctly on their ships. While the game can automatically place the doors for you, it is important that you learn it yourself if you wish to build an advanced spaceship.

This guide will tell you how to place doors on your spaceship in Cosmoteer.

Door Placement Guide – Cosmoteer

In order to place the doors manually, you first need to open up your settings and then navigate to the Ship Editor tab. Scroll down and untick the “Automatically Add Doors” option and then press Apply to save your changes.

The key thing to remember when placing doors is that you need to ensure that your crew can travel from one area to another as quickly as possible. To do this, you will need to reduce the total number of steps and place the doors in the correct position.

When the game automatically places the door, it doesn’t take this factor into account and you will need to rearrange all of them in the correct location.

However, when you disable the option, the game doesn’t place the doors and you will be able to then manually place them according to your preferences. You can place the doors by opening the Ship Editor and clicking on the crew icon where you can select the doors.

It is important to note that placing a lot of doors can be really expensive and it can often mean that you are sacrificing crucial elements of your ship such as armour due to the increase in cost.

Placing doors strategically is a much better option instead of adding them everywhere as it will allow you to save some money while still maintaining the improved movement of your crew.

Another thing worth noting is that adding a lot of doors will also fires to spread quickly meaning that your ship will be at a much higher risk of getting destroyed.

Fires often put themselves off if they don’t spread fast enough but if you give them a wider surface area then they will destroy everything in their path.

This will consume will your entire ship and also reduce its overall value so make sure not to add a lot of doors.

Make sure to place your doors in the correct place when creating a pathway because if they are not placed correctly then you will lose out on your damage since your weapons won’t have 100% uptime.

Having better placement of doors and crew quarters will allow your crew to traverse faster and give you an edge over your opponents.

The aim is to reduce the travel time of your crew so they can access important components such as armoury and reactors quickly. Both pathways and doors are crucial parts of your ship so don’t forget to place them strategically.

That’s it, you successfully learned how to place doors on your ship!

Written by Borut Udovic

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