Covert Critter Is A Free Furry Metal Gear Solid

It’s amazing what two talented developers (Sodaraptor and NormalHumanSixx) can create in twelve days! Covert Critter follows in the vein of Bloodborne’s PSX demake to bring you a Metal Gear homage. Forget animal codenames – you’re an actual gecko this time around. You can blend into your environment and harness a wealth of gadgets to navigate a frozen base taken over by eagles.

Players run around in that classic isometric perspective, stalking the halls and exterior of a maze-like base. Though it’s a relatively short fangame, clocking in at around twenty-five minutes, there’s an immense amount of replayability thanks to a cavalcade of gadgets.

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The game’s mission summary is as follows: “Terrorists known as the Red Hawks have taken over the GEKO Research Facility. With it, they have direct control over a massive array of nuclear weapons and plan to use them. It’s up to you to infiltrate the facility, make your way through 8 different levels spread across varying environments, and remain cloaked in the shadows.”

What Covert Critter’s developers don’t immediately reveal is how, despite being a stealth-action game, Covert Critter is non-lethal. You instead rely on your cloaking power and an array of distracting gadgets. Maybe you’ll toss down a boom box, banana, or a gift box adorned stun mine. It’s an interesting exploration given so few of the Metal Gear titles have emphasized being this reliant on anything but a gun. You’ve got an armory of tools that require quick thinking rather than rapid reflexes.

Players are rewarded for skillful play with a final ranking at the end of the game. It’s practically made for rapid speedruns. All of this, and it’s available for free on! There is an option to pay if you want to tip some money to Soda and Normal. If you like Covert Critter, they’ve got a series of additional PSX throw-backs on as well.

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