Crab Game: How To Move Faster (Bhop)

If you are a Crab Game player then you might have noticed YouTube and Twitch streaming using a trick called bhopping to move faster in the game. Bunny hopping, also known as a “hop” is a popular technique used in first-player multiplayer games that allow players to move faster and gain a tactical advantage over their opponents. This guide will tell you how to drastically improve your movement speed in the game by using the bhopping technique.

How To Move Faster (Bhop)

Before you get started with the process of Bunny Hopping, you will need to adjust a few things in the settings of the game. Press Esc to open the menu and access the game’s settings where you need to change the jump key of your character to the scroll wheel of your mouse by heading into the Controls section.

Next, you need to rotate your character sideways and hold the crouch button as well as the jump button at the same time. This will help you navigate through the areas in the game faster as your character will be able to jump vertically giving you a tactical advantage over your opponents.

The main benefit of bhopping is that you can travel faster and much farther away while compared to jumping forward or slide jumping.

You will be able to bhop with your character as long as your character hits the floor. This trick can be used until the developer decides to make any significant changes related to character movement in a future update.

Do note that you will need to get the timing right when you perform each consecutive jump otherwise your bhopping chain

Another hidden trick called ladder boosting can be used to traverse faster in the game by using ladders as your support. To use this technique, stand near a ladder and then turn your camera as you start going backwards and then start bhopping.

It might take some time for you to master these skills but when once you do, they will certainly provide you with a tactical advantage over other players as they won’t be able to traverse at the same speed as you.

Written by Borut Udovic

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