Create Jack-O-Lanterns Out of Turnips in Newest Valheim Update

Jack-O-Lanterns Out Of Tulips Now On Valheim
Photo Credit: Iron Gate Studio

The newest Valheim update not only brings with it patches and new items, but also the ability to prepare for Halloween by crafting a Jack-O-Turnip.

Iron Gate Studio has included the fun little addition only a short time after adding new crafting skills, weapons, and other additions. The new Jack-O-Turnip can be found as a new craftable decoration.

Fun fact, Jack-O-Lanterns were originally made from Turnips, which means Valheim is keeping with some pretty impressive historical accuracy.

Valheim’s official Twitter account was the first to show off the new decoration.

If you want to try your hand at building a Turnip-O-Lantern they are made with turnip seeds and a couple of pieces of material that you can access in the furniture tab.

Add some resin and you can keep your new creation lit just like a torch.

Valheim patch fixes

If creating a Turnip-O-Lantern isn’t your jam, the update also provides some hit fixes, including the ability to combat filing. The stamina costs on many melee weapons were also adjusted down to use less stamina, among those weapons are axes, maces, pickaxes, swords, etc.

There are also updates in the patch for new meals including minced meat, blood pudding, and boar jerky that can help improve health and increase stamina.

Here’s to hoping that more seasonal features will be added, now that fans are eagerly placing their Jack-O-Turnips all throughout Valheim.


Written by Boss Level Gamer

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