Crysis is Finally Returning With the Fourth Installment in the Franchise

Crysis 4 was announced today by Crytek via a teaser trailer the company posted on YouTube. A blog post from the Crysis website accompanied the announcement.

The next Crysis game is in the early stages of development; the teaser trailer features zero gameplay footage, so this isn’t a surprise. As for hints to the game’s direction, we can look back at a Eurogamer post back from November 2012.

For starters, the game is most likely not going to be called Crysis 4. “I wouldn’t name it Crysis 4 at this stage because it would be misleading,” Yerli told Eurogamer. “We want to finalize Prophet’s story and Crysis 4 would imply the story just moves on.”


A lot can change in ten years, but given the emphasis on the working title of Crysis 4, we can’t help but wonder.

Crysis is Finally Returning With the Fourth Installment in the Franchise
Photo Credit: Crytek

The blog announcement also contains an open call to positions the company is currently hiring for, following recent trends from the EA and Blizzard announcements of games in development.

It’s been a little weird seeing three major franchises get announcements in January, but given that there’s no E3 happening this year, where else do these announcements take place? Add in the fact that developers are trying to hire many positions in an unfavorable job climate, and there’s your likely explanation for these announcements. Crysis 4, for example, currently has nearly 20 open positions available on Crytek’s careers page.


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