CS:GO 2: New VAC Live Anticheat

The announcement of Counter Strike 2, the widely awaited successor to the multiplayer FPS title has taken the gaming industry by storm.The game is currently undergoing limited testing and according to insiders, it will debut with an upgraded version of the VAC anti cheat system to ensure fair play among players.

Here’s everything you need to know about upcoming VAC Live anti cheat system.

New VAC Live Anticheat

Counter Strike 2 is anticipated to brings lots of new features and changes thanks to the new Source 2 engine that powers it underneath.The game currently being tested by selected players will bring revamped maps,new responsive smoke grenades and reduced latency with tickless servers.

The game is also reported to arrive with an upgraded version of the VAC anti cheat system. According to a tweet by CSGO dataminer Aquarius, the source code for the upcoming title mentions hints about the new “VAC Live” anti cheat system. The first line in tweet shows a message saying “Cheater Detected” while the second line reads “This match has been canceled by VAC Live”.

This means that Valve, the developer of CSGO is planning to implement a anti cheat system similar to another competitive shooter Valorant.

The game will detect the presence of a cheating player and will be subsequently abort the ongoing matchmaking if a cheater is detected.

This also ensures that the rank of a genuine player does not get affected due to a cheater as the match itself is instantly terminated.

This is inspired by Riot’s Vanguard system where the entire match is cancelled if a player is found using cheats or hacks. The issue of cheaters trying to hack their way to victory has been repeatedly flagged by genuine players and is a constant issue across various competitive games.

While each developer has tried to tackle it by creating their own anti cheat systems, the huge playerbase of Valve’s shooter has often made it to crack down on offenders.

In the past, the developer was known for issuing bans in waves and the new system tries to fix the issue by punishing those notorious players in realtime.We can only hope that the new anti cheat system will be prove to be successful and provide a sigh of relief to genuine players looking to enjoy the game.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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