CS:GO – Anubis Collection Package Skins

With the launch of its successor on the anvil, CS: GO is receiving new skins with Valve announcing The Anubis Collection. Based on the community-created map with the same name, this new collection features 19 skins for different weapons and features designs inspired by ancient Egypt.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Anubis Collection.

Anubis Collection Package Skins

The Anubis Collection released before the upcoming Paris Major contains skins for 19 different weapons with designs included for popular guns such as the AK-47, M4A1-S and the M4A4. It is the first package that is released in a “non-souvenir” form and does not require a key to open.

While there are no gloves or knives included in the package, you can still find skins for your favourite weapons in this list:

WeaponSkinMarketplace Price
R8 RevolverInlay (Consumer)$0.08-0.26
M249Submerged (Consumer)$0.08-0.28
XM1014Hieroglyph (Consumer)$0.08-0.28
MP7Sunbaked (Consumer)$0.07-0.28
AUGSnake Pit (Consumer)$0.08-0.24
M4A1-SMud-Spec (Industrial)$0.52-2.27
SSG 08Azure Glyph (Industrial)$0.42-2.00
USP-SDesert Tactical (Industrial)$0.40-2.39
MAC-10Echoing Sands (Industrial)$0.43-1.98
Tec-9Mummy’s Riot (Mil-Spec)$1.00-6.18
AK-47Steel Delta (Mil-Spec)$3.26-15.65
AWPBlack Nile (Mil-Spec)$5.94-24.10
MAG-7Copper Coated (Mil-Spec)$0.98-4.96
Glock-18Ramese’s Reach (Restricted)$5.80-55.79
NovaSobek’s Bite (Restricted)$5.08-30.14
P90ScaraB Rush (Restricted)$4.94-30.14
FAMASWaters of Nephthys (Classified)$38.56-249.94
P250Apep’s Curse (Classified)$37.99-247.52
M4A4Eye of Horus (Covert)$325.64-1,736.47

If you are looking to purchase the Anubis collection you buy it directly from the main menu screen of the game. It can be found in the coupon section of the store for a price of $1.99 but do note that the skins have differential pricing based on their rarity and wear.

The case cannot be traded in the Community Market and will be only available in the CS: GO client meaning that you won’t see it as a part of your inventory. Keep this in mind if you are looking to trade or sell the skins in the marketplace.

Since you don’t need to purchase a separate key to unlock it, the collection sounds like a good deal for the level of skins that it offers. The only downside is that it doesn’t contain skins for gloves or knives or include special items which might be turned off for some players.

With the upcoming Paris Major on the cards, it is possible that players will be able to redeem Event coin challenges earned from the Viewer’s Pass to claim the skins available in the Anubis collection.

Generally, events sponsored by Valve have Viewer Passes where players can vote for the next teams that will qualify in the next stages and if their predictions are correct then their Event Coins will be upgraded. Each level of the coin gives players a chance to claim one of the skins available in the collection.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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