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Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure | How to Retrieve the Databank

Full Disclosure

Cyberpunk 2077 is not only full of interesting environments but really cool stories! Full Disclosure is a mission that you can get after Double Life and allows you to continue the story of Sandra Dorsett — the woman that you saved in the prologue. So, how do you get the best reward out of this quest? And how do you even retrieve the database in the first place? Well, let’s explore a bit!

Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure Quest Guide

There are two steps in the Full Disclosure quest… Both of them being a bit long. If you want to get the best rewards, you’ll need to start this mission with seven Intelligence points. Below are the steps required to complete the mission:

  1. Retrieve the Databank
  2. Report Back to Sandra

Retrieve the Databank

To start the Full DIsclosure quest, you’ll get a call from Sandra a little while after Double Life. She sends you to get a databank for her. You can either force your way in (Body 5), use the small footbridge and use a window with enough Technical Ability, or just head through the door/garage gate on the left.

Head to the east side of the building, because the database is on a crate over there. You might need to crash through a window, depending on what direction you’re coming from. The database is guarded by scavengers, so you might need to make a distraction with the vending machine. We always used the distraction methods, so we don’t know what happens if you don’t distract.

Report Back to Sandra

Once you’ve gotten the databank and snuck out, call Sandra. You’ll be brought to her apartment in Little China.

You should crack the database first, since opening it might start new dialogue lines, all of them making money. To crack the database, open your inventory and go to the Shards section in your Journal. Take your time, you’ll really want to make sure you know the code before you start trying to crack anything.

Once you crack the code, you have options for higher reward paths. Read the Databank, admit to reading it, and congratulate her. That’s a high reward! With seven Intelligence, you’ll unlock the option to discuss the daemons with her. That will give you the highest possible reward!

Oh, and never try to blackmail unless you want Sandra’s blood on your hands. That’ll be a relatively rough fight… And not very good for your wallet!

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Written by Andrew Smith