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Cyberpunk 2077 | How to Romance Judy

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Romance Judy

Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of romance options for characters in its story, but did you know that you can also romance Judy? Of course, there are some requirements to meet and steps to complete before it’s possible. Here’s how to romance Judy starting with the Ex-Factor quest all the way through to the Pyramid Song quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Romance Judy

There are several steps that you will have to take before you can romance with Judy. The first is that you need to be using the female body type with the female voice selected. Otherwise, you need to complete smaller requirements during specific quests. Judy will have a lot of side quests for you, which gives plenty of opportunity to build a romantic connection.


The Ex-Factor mission is the first mission to kick off the Judy romance. At one point you will go to meet Judy on the clouds terrace. From there, you’ll eventually get to a point where you can choose to kill Woodman or not. Do so if you like, then talk to her about it before getting into the elevator. After killing him, leave the building and the mission should end.

Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution

After completing Ex-Factor, you must wait for Judy to call you. When she does, the mission Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution should appear. When you get to her apartment, keep asking her questions and agreeing with her. Tell her that she can count on you, and decline her offer to pay for your help. Further into the mission, make sure you say yes when she asks you to “crash on her couch.” The mission will end once you go to sleep.


The next mission is Pisces, and the major choices don’t happen until you have your meeting with Maiko. When Maiko begins to talk, you need to make sure you don’t accept her plan or the payment for it. There will eventually be a quick time option to stop Maiko talking, telling her she’s gone too far. You’ll get a prompt to pull out your gun, so whip it out and kill the bosses. Confront Maiko and she will soon try to kill you, so kill her, then leave the apartment. Say sorry to Judy when meeting her again after this.

Pyramid Song

When Judy calls you for the next mission, press the dialogue option for “Been thinkin’ about you.” Let her ask you a favor and agree to doing it by asking “Is this a date?” Before you take a dive in the Pyramid Song mission, Judy will ask if you’re still in, so say yes. While in the water, find all the four clues and ask about them for extra dialogue.

When you are out of the water, start talking about Johnny with Judy as well as the plan you have to deal with him. She’ll then ask if you want to stay the night in her cottage, so say yes to take her up on her offer. Inside, start up the generator, then head to the bathroom to check on her. You should get an option to kiss her. After selecting that, the Judy romance will reach its peak with a climactic scene. Afterward, you’ll be enter a relationship with Judy.

That’s everything you have to do to romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077. To learn more about CD Projekt Red’s latest release, be sure to check out some of our other guides:

Written by Andrew Smith