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Cyberpunk 2077 | How to Scan the Apartment’s Security Systems

Cyberpunk 2077 scan the apartment's security systems

Cyberpunk 2077 is set in a futuristic world with a bunch of tech that we humans living in the 2020s could never understand. One of these technologies is known as braindances (or BDs), which allow you to see memories from a person’s point of view and even see and scan around them. Near the end of Act 1 of the game, you need to use a BD to scan an apartment you’re about to heist. You need to know everything about this place, so how do you scan the apartment’s security systems?

How to Scan the Apartment’s Security Systems

To scan the apartment’s security systems, you’ll first need to meet up with Evelynn and Judy in Lizzie’s Bar. From there Judy will put you through what is basically a tutorial on how to use BDs. After that, you will immediately go into the BD you will use to scan the apartment’s security systems.

The BD is from the perspective of Evelynn who frequently visits the man living in the apartment, Yorinobu Arasaka. Once there, you will see the first few minutes that Evelynn is in the apartment. You will be able to control the playback of the BD as if you were watching a movie. To get a better view of the place, you’ll need to enter the editing mode.

While in editing mode, you need to leave Evelynn’s perspective and move around the apartment freely. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to stray too far from Evelynn’s position while in editing mode. This means that you can only scan certain parts of the apartment when Evelynn is in the right position.

You also have different ways to scan things, known as layers. You have a visual, audio, and thermal layer to scan the apartment’s security systems with. There will also be a bar on the top of your screen to help show you which layer to use at what time.

From there you can scan and find the object of the heist and the various security systems that are in the apartment. It is optional to scan everything after finding the relic, but it is recommended that you do so that you are as ready as you can be for your heist.

Written by Andrew Smith