Cyberpunk 2077: Legendary Gas Mask Location Guide

Cyberpunk 2077, being an open-world first-person RPG game, players should expect a ton of weapon and armor selections to choose from. Not only do they help them better handle the game’s many encounters but they also enable them to customize their personally-created characters however they may possibly want.

One of the sought-after armor options in the game is the Manganese-Laminate Nomad Gas Mask. On top of providing your character with tons of Armor as a legendary gear, it also looks insanely cool! In this guide, we will be showing you how to get a free legendary gas mask, precisely the Manganese-Laminate Nomad Gas Mask.

Legendary Gas Mask Location Guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Getting your hands on this legendary gas mask is fairly straightforward assuming that you know where to look.

It doesn’t require players to complete any side gigs or main missions; all they need to do is pick it up at the location we will be showing below.

Furthermore, it can be obtained anytime you want. It has no restrictions or any part of the game that locks its location out.

That said, you may need a certain power level or street cred before you can start donning this legendary gas mask.

The first thing you should do is to fast travel to the Las Palapas Motel. It is located just south of Pacifica.

Go forward on the road that heads to the southeast and stop at the point marked on the map above.

Once you are on the point, go off-road for a bit to your right.

There you should pass several big solar panels.

Just head straight until you see an abandoned Nomad camp of some kind.

On the side of the broken van and sitting on the couch is the box encasing the legendary mask you are looking for.

Walk up to it and get it.

Simple as pie! After acquiring the Manganese-Laminate Nomad Gas Mask, all you need to do now is to equip it.

Written by Borut Udovic

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