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Cyberpunk 2077 Violence | Lie or Tell Truth to Lizzy

Cyberpunk 2077 Violence Quest Guide

You can often get an idea for a quest based on the name, except for Violence in Cyberpunk 2077. In this not so violent side mission, we will go step by step to walk you through it. While it’s mostly straightforward, there are two instances where you have some choice. For example, at one point, you must decide if you should lie or tell the truth to Lizzy. Regardless of what you do, this will be an easy ride.

Should You Lie or Tell the Truth to Lizzy?

After playing through a good chunk of Cyberpunk 2077, you will receive a mysterious message that tells you to go to the No-Tell Motel in South Watson. Once there, head up the stairs to Room 210. That’s where you will meet Lizzy Wizzy, a popular musician who is suspicious of her boyfriend.

She will ask you to investigate his whereabouts, which will lead you to Riot, a local club that is not far from your current location. This will begin the Violence side mission, in which you will decide if you should lie or tell the truth to Lizzy. Below are all of the steps needed to complete the mission.

Keep reading for a detailed walkthrough.

Find Liam and Investigate the Club

In Violence, you will have three options to get into the Riot club. For one, you can go around to find the fire escape. Alternatively, you can go through the side door or you can talk to the bouncer. If you are a Streetkid, then talking to the bouncer will be the best option, as he will tell you where to find Liam.

Once in Riot, head for a door marked “Staff Only.” Follow the hallway to find the elevator and take it. Once up, you will be in a new area with a computer right in front of you. Check out the camera, which will reveal the suspected boyfriend. It turns out, he is not cheating but wants to take his chrome girlfriend’s personality and copy it for Araksaka’s Save Your Soul program.

Call Lizzy Wizzy

The final step for the Violence quest is to call Lizzy, where you will get the choice to tell her the truth or lie to her. If you tell her about the relic or say he was cheating, you will end the mission. The only difference is the payment. If you go for the truth, then you will get extra Eddies.

Hide the Body

Whether you lie or tell Lizzy the truth, she will call you again. Meet her at the same motel and discover a body. Help her hide the body, which will be dumped at a garbage chute down the hall from her motel room. Then you are officially done helping out the chrome popstar.

Congratulations, Violence is completed. Lizzy will occasionally text you, but you won’t see the outcome of you telling her the truth or lie.

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Written by Andrew Smith