Dagersystem Debuts Accessible Games Database

Photo Credit: DAGERSystem

DAGERSystem aims to bring more gaming options to people who might not normally be able to game based on current gaming platforms. On October 1, the company has debuted a database that helps gamers with disabilities find games that may address their specific needs.

The not-for-profit organization has debuted the Accessible Games Database.

The database includes such titles as Control, The Last of Us, Cyberpunk 2077, and others. In total there are currently 144 games that feature some kind of accessibility options.

Gamers can break down their searching into games, publisher, platform, and publisher. They can also choose the type of accessibility option they require, such as fine motor skills, auditory, and visual elements.

Breaking down the search even further, users can choose such options ad adjustable interfaces, controller customizations, and even volume control options.

Colorblind users can even find games that provide colorblind filters.

According to Kotaku, the DAGERSystems has acknowledged that refinements to the database are still underway. The platform is run by a small team of developers who are hoping to continue the organization’s work while delivering more accessibility.

Here’s more info about DAGERSystem:

If you’re looking for games with accessibility options, check out the DAGERSystem website where they provide reviews of the actual accessibility features offered for many of the games in their database.


Written by Boss Level Gamer