Dark And Darker: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Dark and Darker is a great multiplayer RPG where you get to get along together with your friends, complete missions and defeat bosses all around the map. During your time, your character here will get upgraded as he completes missions and become stronger.

This guide will show you all a beginner needs to know for Dark and Darker.

Ultimate Beginners Guide

Get Medical Utilities

Meds in this game will be needed as much as possible. At the start of the game, you will be damaged quite a lot actually and your survivability will be low. That is why, you need to collect meds wherever you find and hold onto them when things get spicy.

Starting out with a Hunter class is one of the best ways to survive much longer and deal damage as much as you can. The Hunter can place down a fireplace that will heal him overtime. Part of surviving.

Use Throwables & Buffs

Throwables are utilities that can help you damage a big group of monsters and even help you get away from a dangerous situation.  Throwing a Molotov at a group of target will not only damage them, but will also reveal the area where it’s dark. Giving you an extra perk in the specific situation.

Buffs will always help you become stronger during any fight. Remember to always buff up before entering a fight, or apply a longer buff on your character whenever you are alone and looting.


The zone is something that many players are aware of in multiple games. The zone closes as time goes on and deals damage. The only good part about this zone in this game is that it deals almost no damage.

This can give you the opportunity to go outside the zone and go around the area to make sure that you will be safe and survive the current situation that you were in.


The game is filled with various traps all around the map. You need to look for these traps and work your way around them. Knowing where the traps are placed is a good way to tricking your enemies into walking into them.

Written by Borut Udovic

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