Darkest Dungeon: Prophet Boss Guide | How To Beat

This is one of those interesting fight where you have to think it through quite a lot! Now, we’ll go over his attacks and what he does, but more importantly, we’ll go through tips and team composition. Once you already know how the Prophet fights, it is actually a pretty easy fight. Let’s go over how to beat the Prophet boss!

Prophet Boss Guide – Darkest Dungeon

Okay. Each turn that the Prophet will have, he will use an attack called Prognostication or Calamitous on one or two positions in the field. After that, he’ll release a detrimental attack on these positions, often time with the ability to wipe out whole health bars on weaker characters.

So, the great thing is, that the strongest attack- the Rubble Of Ruin, will be released at those spots. Players can either move or use protection skills for the characters on those positions!

The Prophet won’t budge in any way from the fourth position. He’ll have three walls in front of him, which equal to more health than the boss himself.

So, whatever you do, make sure you make a team composition that can attack on the fourth position. Otherwise, the whole fight takes long, and it doesn’t make sense to drag on this fight, as the Prophet is known for releasing powerful attacks that are one-shot.

Use Man At Arms if you want to protect characters which are marked on their position at a beginning of a turn.

Here are some recommended team compositions for the Prophet boss fight:

  • #1 Team:
  • #2 Team:
  • #3 Team:
  • #4 Team:

A Sonorous Prophet will spawn for the apprentice difficulty, while a bit stronger. As for the veteran difficulty, it’s the Fulminating Prophet, and the Gibbering Prophet for the champion difficulty.

Written by Borut Udovic

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