Dead Island 2: All Safe-Deposit Box Keys Locations

As you explore the open world of Dead Island 2, you will often come across locked safe deposit boxes and doors. There are a total of 5 Safe Deposit Boxes found in the Halperin Hotel and each one of them requires a corresponding key to unlock.

This guide will tell you the location of all 5 Safe Deposit Keys in Halperin Hotel.

All Safe-Deposit Box Keys Locations

The first is key #09 which can be found as you enter the lobby of the hotel. Just head over to the table in the middle of the lobby and grab the key lying there.

To find the second key called #Key 33, you need to head over to the second floor of the hotel where you need to press the button to summon the elevator.

After clicking the highlighted button, the doors will open with a bunch of zombies waiting to attack you inside. Clear the area and you will find the keys lying in the right corner of the elevator floor.

The third key, known as Key #14 can be found in Room 208 which is the third room after the crawl space in the bedroom. Enter the room and you will find the key lying in the left corner next to the bed.

The fourth key called Key #49 is located inside the air vents on the third floor. Break down the wooden planks in the right room and enter the hatch to climb inside the vents.

After entering the vents, you need to turn right then left and then finally right to find the keys lying on the vent floor.

Last but not least is Key #53 which can be found in Room 307 next to Major Brooker’s room. Enter the room and you will find the keys lying next to the bathtub

That’s it, you successfully collected all the Safe Deposit keys in Hotel Halperin!

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Written by Borut Udovic

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