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What Is The Dead Island 2 Max Level Cap?

What Is The Level Cap in Dead Island 2?

Walkers, Runners, Apex beasts, and crazies roam loose in Dead Island 2, where Slayers journey through Hell-A in search of truth. The game is loaded with content: various side quests either given by NPCs or by discovery; an explosive main narrative; zombie-killing shenanigans. And with each event, the Slayer’s level will continuously increase. So we ask the question, what is the Dead Island 2 max level cap that Slayers can achieve? It is a role-playing game after all, so how far can we go with our chosen characters?

What Is The Level Cap in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 Max Level

Dead Island 2 players can reach up to Level 30 through vicious and addictive gameplay. Starting out as any one of the six characters will launch your zombie-killing career at Level 1. Evidently, the players will improve upon their stats as they explore Hell-A and discover all it has to offer.

Given how many adventures you can embark on in the game, reaching Level 30 is relatively easy to attain. Every completed quest and confirmed zombie kill will grant you XP, each varying by the action. It’s even possible to achieve a high level with only zombie-slaying binges. But that can run old after all with the forced absence of the story, which is loaded with XP and gifts for any brave Slayer who dares to go on missions and tasks.

Expert Tip: If you’re looking to team up with some fellow Slayers, you might want to stick with your friends. Jumping into a random session might warrant some issues with players going on different paths.

Keep in mind that you cannot surpass 30 for the Dead Island 2 max level cap. This can potentially change with future DLC which will include new features and content. Although it is hard to tell what new story elements to expect, the game’s Expansion Pass hints at “two brand new chapters of the main story”. They will come with newer enemies, weapons, and locations, so it’s quite possible that the current max level cap for Dead Island 2 might increase with the DLC. Only time will tell for that one, though.

Dead Island 2 Max Level Tips

How to Level Up Fast

It’s already known that completing quests will grant you amounts of XP. In truth, this method is beneficial if you’re looking to level up with some consistency. However, it is Dead Island 2 after all, so there’s more that you can do to earn XP. We mentioned some before in the text above, but let’s go through them.

Killing Zombies

This one truly doesn’t require many contexts, yet the zombie-killing business isn’t so easy in Hell-A. It’s practically a given fact that slaying zombies will help you level up, but there are more than just Walkers and Runners to worry about.

In addition to the regular undead enemies, higher-level foes can be found throughout Hell-A in the form of Special Infected, Apex, and Deadly zombie types.

Expert Tip: Every weapon varies from weight. If you attach a mod that makes a weapon lightweight, you’ll be able to swing at the zombies in quicker succesion.

Special Infected includes any Walker and Runner who has received a touch-up through a grotesque mutation. These include Burning, Hazmat, Spiky, and other variants that differ from the commonplace zombie in Hell-A.

You can also go after the Apex zombies for a little boost in XP acquisition. It’s up to you on who you want to target, but you can always expect a fight.

Deadly Zombies are distinguished by a skull in their nameplate, with a red hue to indicate severe danger. Indeed, the Deadly infected are extremely tough, aiming to rip you to shreds. If you’re feeling lucky, you can dance with one to try and take it down. If not, consider returning to one when you’ve progressed a little further into the game.

Lost and Found Treasure Hunts

Aside from NPCs providing quests for you, Lost and Found treasure hunts can also be obtained. Only a few exist in Hell-A, but the benefits are worthwhile. High XP gain, some cash, and a special item are rewarded to you upon completing each treasure hunt.


Will Dead Island 2 Have DLC?

As part of the Expansion Pass for Dead Island 2, players can expect to play more story chapters in the future. The Expansion Pass comes with the Gold Edition of the game.

Does Dead Island Have New Game Plus?

Once the main quest comes to a close in the game, Slayers won’t have any more chapters to complete. That is until some DLC is released with potentially new features.

Written by Andrew Smith