Dead Space Remake: When The Review Embargo Will Be Lifted?

Dead Space Remake is a great horror game that has not been officially released. Here you are a space soldier that roams around a spaceship that is filled with monsters who are ready to rip you apart. The Review Embargo is something that a specific number of players get to experience and enjoy the early-access of the game.

In this guide, you will see exactly when the review embargo is going to be lifted in Dead Space Remake.

When The Review Embargo Will Be Lifted?

Most games have their review embargo around one or two weeks just before the official game is released. A Review Embargo is when a specific set of players are granted early-access keys that they can use to get the game and play it for a short period of time.

In this time window, they can make an honest review about the game which is very important for the community as well as for the game publishers. At this period, they will know exactly what they can tweak and change for the full release runs smoothly.

So far for Dead Space Remake there has not been an official statement on when the Review Embargo is going to be lifted. The official release date for the game is on January 27th 2023. Our speculations say that the review embargo will be just 3 days before the release, meaning that it will be on January 25th 2023.

We really hope this guide has helped you figure out exactly when the review embargo is going to be lifted for Dead Space Remake. Be sure to expect a bunch of videos and reviews about the game after January 25th 2023.

Written by Borut Udovic

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