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Death Stranding | How to Avoid BTs Detection

Death Stranding How to Avoid BTs Detection

Exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Death Stranding is an enjoyable and even relaxing experience most of the time. However, that can quickly change once you run into BTs (Beached Things), invisible creatures that can make short work of you if you’re not careful. Although it’s possible to fight these supernatural entities, it’s generally a good idea to avoid BTs detection altogether. Your Bridge Baby can come in handy if you’re taking the stealth route, but you don’t necessarily have to rely on it. Keep reading to find out how to avoid BTs without BB.

How to Avoid BTs Detection in Death Stranding

How to Avoid BTs Detection in Death Stranding

Despite being invisible, BTs are easy enough to detect provided you know what to look for. The first sign that one of them is probably nearby is the rain. Also known as Timefall, the rain in Death Stranding causes everything it touches to age rapidly, including your precious cargo. In addition to deteriorating your equipment and structures, Timefall also causes BTs to manifest.

Once it starts raining, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your Odradek. If it starts spinning, you’ll know for certain that BTs are in the area. The faster it spins, the closer you are to them. The Odradek faces in the direction of the BTs and has a proximity sensor that lets you know how close you are to the creatures. If the sensor starts blinking faster, it’s time to consider turning the other way. Once its light turns orange, you’ll need to turn back immediately to avoid BTs detection.

Focus on Your Breathing

Simply keeping an eye on your Odradek will allow you to escape a lot of sticky situations, but to increase your chances of avoiding BTs you’ll also need to make use of Death Stranding’s stealth mechanics. Specifically, we mean crouching and breathing. Once you know you’re close to a BT you’ll want to immediately crouch and start moving away. Slowly. Running will alert BTs to your presence, so be sure to take it nice and easy.

If BTs are getting uncomfortably close, then it’s time to start holding your breath. You’ll need to manage your stamina meter carefully when doing this. Sam will take a deep (and loud) breath as soon as the meter is empty and you definitely don’t want that. Ideally, you’ll want to hold your breath when the BTs are very close and stop to let the stamina meter fill back up when you are at a safe distance. Play stealthily and pay attention to your Odradek and you’re pretty much guaranteed to avoid BTs detection.

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Written by Andrew Smith