Deep Rock Galactic Coming to PS4/PS5 in January, Roadmap Announced

Developer Ghost Ship Games announced that Deep Rock Galactic, their co-operative FPS, is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 come January 2022.

Originally released on PC and Xbox One in May 2020, the cooperative looter shooter has enjoyed praise from critics and fans alike. Back at this year’s South by Southwest Conference, the title won indie game of the year. As of November, it has surpassed 3 million units sold.

In addition to the upcoming release on PS4 and PS5, a roadmap for the future of Deep Rock Galactic was announced.

Deep Rock Galactic Coming to PS4/PS5 in January, Roadmap Announced
Photo Credit: Ghost Ship Games

Season 2 will launch “sometime between March and April 2022.” It will first go live on Steam, with updates to both Xbox and PlayStation to follow. A cosmetic DLC pack will also be released with season 2, but its theme was not disclosed at this time.

A release date for Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic was also announced with a launch date of 2022. Ghost Ship is comfortable with their “current plan of 4-6 month gaps between new Seasons.”

Season 2 will include new Secondary Weapons for each class. They will contain a full package of Mods, Overclocks, assignments, and more. In addition, a new Performance Pass will be available, allowing players to earn and unlock new cosmetics. Speaking of which, cosmetics from Season 1 that were not unlocked won’t go away. The team is discussing ways for players to still earn them.


The full announcement regarding the roadmap is available here.

If you’re looking to pick up Deep Rock Galactic on Steam, it’s currently 50% off! It’s also available on Xbox GamePass as well, with the ability to play on the Series X and S consoles.


Written by Jake Valentine

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