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Deep Rock Galactic Error Cube | What Does It Do?

Deep Rock Galactic Error Cube - What Does It Do?

The squad-based shooter Deep Rock Galactic is bursting with objects to collect, but few are as perplexing as the Error Cube. This mysterious item seems to confuse a lot of players who are unaware of what gameplay benefits it provides. As one of hundreds of items, it’s hard to keep track of them all, so we’re here to help. Join us as we look at what the Error Cube does in Deep Rock Galactic.

What Is The Error Cube and What Does It Do?

Deep Rock Galactic - What Is The Error Cube and What Does It Do?

Surprise! The Deep Rock Galactic Error Cube doesn’t actually do anything. It isn’t an ingredient to be used in crafting, and cannot be sold or harvested for profit. Instead, it’s an inert item that so far appears to have no tangible gameplay benefit.

More likely than not, the Error Cube is just a fun addition from the developer, Ghost Ship Games. It’s probably meant to look like an accidental inclusion not meant to be in the final product, though its presence is entirely purposeful. The item’s official name is a mouthful, ERR://23¤Y%/, and it’s arguably the hardest item to find in the game.

Interestingly, the Error Cube can appear during any mission, in any location, but the chances of it actually spawning are microscopically low. It’s buried underground, so you have to dig past some glowing spikes before you can harvest it. Only then can you take it back to your Space Rig, where it becomes clear that it actually has no use.

In a game littered with crafting items and ingredients to collect, the Error Cube is actually quite a refreshing inclusion. It’s evidence of the devs having fun by including a little red herring to find — even if it would be good if we could sell it for millions of credits!

Written by Andrew Smith