Deep Rock Galactic: How To Use The Driller Grenade

Grenades, also referred to as ‘throwables,’ in the game Deep Rock Galactic are one of the different types of tools available for a dwarf to use when outside the hub and into the treacherous depths of Hoxxes. Each dwarf class has varying grenades for players to unlock, but can only bring one type down to the Hoxxes at a time. With that in mind, its best that you know the grenades your preferred class has and how to use them.

For this article, we will be looking into the grenades of the Driller class.

How To Use The Driller Grenade – Deep Rock Galactic

The first ‘grenade’ that the Driller dwarf class can use is the Impact Axe (yes, it is an actual axe that you can throw).

When thrown, it extends into its full size and deals significant damage to a single target when impacted directly.

Furthermore, the Impact Axe also releases an electric pulse on impact which damages nearby enemies. Say that you threw the axe and it completely misses the target, at least you can deal damage with the electric pulse.

The Driller can simply interact with the axe to pick it back up after being thrown. Doing so would add the axe back into their inventory to be used again whenever.

The High Explosive Grenade is the second throwable available for the Driller class. It works just like most games that have a grenade feature on it. When thrown, it will create an explosion and everyone or everything caught in it would be damaged.

There is nothing special about it really. That being said, the High Explosive Grenade is still a great tool that you can bring with you. Not only is it the easiest Driller grenade to use, it is also arguably the grenade that gives the most utility.

The next one is the Neurotoxin Grenade. It is a very effective area-denial and crowd control tool that excels in defensive situations or postures.

It emits a cloud of toxic green gas that can harm enemies within it over time. This pairs well with the Driller’s Flamethrower as shooting the gas with it would ignite it and create a fiery explosion that deals excellent damage.

However, take note that the gas, and of course, the explosion, could also damage you and the other dwarves that may be within its area of effect.

Last but not least is the new Springloaded Ripper grenade. This grenade is perhaps the most fun to use in the Driller’s arsenal of throwables.

When thrown on the ground, it will rip out everything on its path as it makes a loop around the terrain it is thrown. It will climb it and spin around for a set amount of time and then promptly break apart after.

It is a very powerful grenade when used the right way. Just fling it on a tight space filled with enemies and let it do its thing.

Those are the grenades available for the Driller class. Now that you know how to use each of them pick which one you think gives you the most help and maybe satisfaction. Goodluck!

Written by Borut Udovic

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