Deep Rock Galactic: Who Is Karl? Find Out!

Karl in Deep Rock Galactic is a name that has been mentioned by many players. The name has gotten more and more popular as time passes. Although everyone mentions him, not everyone knows exactly what the name Karl is and who actually Karl is.

In this guide, we will analyze the name Karl and see where his origins come from in Deep Rock Galactic.

Who Is Karl? Find Out!

The name Karl can be heard by the dwarves who live in the deep caves in Deep Rock Galactic. They continue to mention this name and seem to feel happy about it. Almost if they praise him.

In the early days, when Deep Rock Galactic was in development mode, Ghost Ship Games have been creating vlogs about the game itself and how it performs.

You can learn more about Karl if you watch their second vlog. Here, Robert, the lead art director and voice of Mission Control has come up with the name Karl.

“Karl used to be a colleague of the group of developers who used to work with them. He is now a myth in the game and the dwarves praise him as a Battle-Brother. Every kill upon a monster that is made in Deep Rock Galactic is for Karl.”

This has opened up the gaming community and throughout social platforms, players have continuously asked around about “Who is Karl in Deep Rock Galactic?”

Many say he is a legend, many say he is a myth. That is all true. The real Karl was a developer who was working together with Ghost Ship Games and is now praised as a Battle-Brother in the game.

This character does not exist in the game in a physical form, nor he is part of any mission in the game. The name Karl is just mentioned all around as you perform daily activities in Deep Rock Galactic.

Written by Borut Udovic

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