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Destiny 2 Cloud Accretions | How to Get

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Lightfall, the latest Destiny 2 expansion, has Guardians from all over the galaxy gearing up to explore Neomuna, Neptune’s newest city. In this expansion comes a new campaign to explore, resources to collect, and of course, exotics to acquire. Cloud Accretions are a new Neomuna-exclusive material that many players are seeking. That’s because this material is vital in completing the Unfinished Business storyline quest, which rewards you with the Deterministic Chaos Exotic. So, read on, because we’ll tell you how to get this resource below.

How to Get Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2

How to Get Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2

Cloud Accretions are a crystal-looking resource in Destiny 2 that spawn randomly throughout Neomuna. There’s a chance you’ll stumble across this new material anywhere in the neon cities’ three regions. With that said, the best places to find Cloud Accretions appear to be in the Zephry Concourse and Liming Harbour regions. You can still come across them in Ahimsa Park, but there isn’t exactly an abundance of them here, and they can be hard to spot. That’s why we have a trick up our sleeve.

To find them more quickly, you can equip a Resource Mod Detector to your Ghost. With this, you can mark materials in your vicinity, including Cloud Accretions. There are varying Resource Mod Detectors available, each of which marks materials at different distances. Obviously, you’ll want to aim for the best version, which is the Perfected Resource Mod Detector. You can mark materials from up to 75 meters away with this detector.

So, your best bet for getting Cloud Accretions is to take the shoelace express across Neomuna, spamming your Resource Mod Detector. This still may take some time, but it will ensure you collect every Cloud Accretion that might be in your vicinity. Then, in no time, you’ll have accumulated enough Cloud Accretions to complete the Unfinished Business quest and obtain the new Deterministic Chaos Exotic.

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Written by Andrew Smith