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Destiny 2 Error Code Chicken | How to Fix

Destiny 2 chicken error 1

It can be really easy to lose yourself while playing Destiny 2. However, you may find your progress quickly halted when error code Chicken appears. In this guide we will be looking at how to fix the chicken error code so you can get back to exploring planets in Destiny 2.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Chicken

Destiny 2 chicken error 2

Bungie have released a number of methods to try in order to fix error code chicken.

The first method is to get a wired connection, especially if you have slow internet. If you’re using Wi-Fi, Bungie recommends turning off things that use Wi-Fi data, like mobile phones. This is just so that your Destiny 2 game can get the best from your network. You should also power cycle your internet router/modem as well. There may also be a problem with your provider also so I would suggest you do an internet test.

Players who are on Steam are suggested to clear their download cache in the launcher. If you are playing on console, you may also have to clear you cache on that: here’s how that process works. Bungie have also released a guide on whats the best way to optimize the connection to Destiny 2 as well as possible router solutions. The team has also compiled guide on how to improve latency.

If all these steps fail then don’t worry, you can still send Bungie a message by getting into contact with the Bungie support forum. You can also send the development team a message on Twitter @BungieHelp. Hopefully they should respond and help you fix the error.

This should help you resolve the chicken error code, now you can get back your quests on Destiny 2. As you are here you should check out some of our other guides:

Written by Andrew Smith