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Destiny 2 | How to Generate Orbs of Power

Destiny 2 - How to Generate Orbs of Power

Recently altered in season 16, Orbs of Power are a hugely useful resource in Destiny 2. Some objectives can only be completed once you have a certain amount of Orbs of Power, and they also reduce the cooldown time between super moves. If you’re happy with your Destiny 2 build but want just that bit more efficiency, then you’ll want to generate Orbs of Power. Read on to learn all about how to do it!

How to Generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

How to Generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

Before a recent Destiny 2 update, you could generate Orbs of Power by using certain Masterworked weapons. However, that’s all since been changed. Now, you have to equip specific mods onto your helmet, which will then passively generate Orbs of Power as you use them.

The first helmet mod is the Harmonic Siphon. It requires one energy slot to equip onto your guardian, and passively earns Orbs of Power while using landing final blows with rapid-fire weapons. Note that you will specifically need to use a rapid weapon to make this work, so make sure you only use this helmet mod if it’s a rapid weapon you plan on using. The next is the Kinetic Siphon helmet mod, which requires three energy slots instead. It works very similarly to the Harmonic Siphon, except the Orbs of Power are earned through final blows with Kinetic weapons. The final mod is Void Siphon, another three-slot energy mod. This time, final blows with Rapid Void weapons will generate Orbs of Power.

Using any of these three mods, with the according weapon type, should do the trick. However, they’re all fairly expensive to unlock, so it could be a while until you generate Orbs of Power. Once you can though, all you’ve got to do is walk over them to add to your inventory. From there, you can easily use them to perform super moves in Destiny 2.

Written by Andrew Smith