Destiny 2: Lucent Knight | How To Defeat

In Destiny 2 there is a quest called “The Arrival”. Your first objective in the quest is to go and find Savathun. Savathun is a big portal that takes you to a different dimension. Once you enter the portal you will have to deal with an enemy called Lightbearer Knight. Or better known as the Lucent Knight.

Many players get confused on how the knight is killed, as he respawns and deals more damage upon killing.

This guide will help you kill the Lucent Knight in Destiny 2.

How to Defeat the Lucent Knight – Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Once you accept the quest named The Arrival and you enter the Savathun portal, you will need to face the Lucent Knight. The Lucent Knight is part of the storyline of the game, where you will realize that the Ghost is helping the hive.

Once you slay the Lucent Knight one time, your Ghost will tell you to get close in order to inspect it and see what the problem is and why it is helping the hive. Once you try to get closer, the Ghost turns into the Lucent Knight one more time, where you will have no choice but to end it fully!

The way to kill the Lucent Knight is by bringing him to low health and using your ultimate ability to which you have to stab him with your spear. The Lucent Knight then is defeated and turns into a Ghost. Only this time you will be able to destroy the Ghost as well!

Written by Borut Udovic

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