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Destiny 2 Opulent Keys | How to Get

Destiny 2 Opulent Keys - How to Get

With Destiny 2 launched into the Season of the Haunted, players are looking to get their hands on some much-loved, previously discontinued weapons making their return. But like any good season, it’s gonna make you work for it. These much-sought items are locked away in Opulent Chests on the Derelict Leviathan. We’ll tell you the best way to get the necessary Opulent Keys to open these chests.

How to Get Opulent Keys in Destiny 2


The Opulent Keys are an interesting item, and not just because they open the chests containing your sought-after loot. They are peculiar because you can only carry one at a time, and they are specific in which chests they open. When getting a key, you need to hover over it and read its description to find out which chest it unlocks.  Since the chests are relatively easy to find, we’ll tell you the best and fastest ways to find keys in order to snag as much Opulent Chest loot as possible.

The Leviathan Returns

When you finish “The Leviathan Returns” quest, you’ll get an Opulent Key. This quest is not very long and easy to finish, which makes it a great and somewhat quick way to gain a key.

Haunted Alcove Chests

Nightmares will show up in parts of the Leviathan. A chest will spawn when beating them and will often contain an Opulent Key.

Destination Chests

These more common chests can be found in various places aboard the Leviathan. Having a Wombo Detector on your Ghost will help you detect these chests. They will contain various currency loot, as well as have a chance of dropping an Opulent Key.

Nightmare Containment rewards

You can gain a reward chest for finishing a Tier 3 Nightmare Containment event. There is usually a solid chance at getting an Opulent Key from these reward chests.

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Written by Andrew Smith