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Destiny 2 Risen Umbral Energy | How to Get

Destiny 2 Risen Umbral Energy - How to Get

Like in any season of Destiny 2, players have to tackle a bunch of mechanics to gear up. From raiding dungeons for gear to keeping their pinnacle gear level in check, players will have a lot of content to look forwards to. While Risen Umbral Energy is a thing of the past in Destiny 2, it is still part of the Season of the Witch. That means this mechanic, and the engrams that the system is part of, are still important. So, if you’re wondering where to get some, there are a few places that make the most sense.

How to Get Risen Umbral Energy in Destiny 2

How to Get Risen Umbral Energy in Destiny 2

The best way to farm Risen Umbral Energy in Destiny 2 is through the Cosmodrome. This event is from Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and you can run to the end to check out the chest. Alternatively, you can complete the PsiOps Battlegrounds mission type to get Runic Chests.

The Cosmodrome farm will reward you with some Energy, and is currently the best way to farm this out, other than the Mayhem weekly event. However, it is extremely finnicky, and could be patched out any day now.

The PsiOps battleground event can be found in the H.E.L.M. or through the Vanguard playlist. In either case, you can get the Runic Chest from that event to gather the energy.

The Cosmodrome Farm is also a PsiOps Battleground, of the “Arena” type quest. That is located in the “Cosmodrome” destination on the bottom of the tab. Get to the end of the map quickly and safely to get a chest that has a high chance to drop Risen Umbral Energy.

This will still require you to farm the Intel that all Runic Chests need. Thankfully, this farm is a lot easier. You’ll just get some intel from farming almost anything that you want, like Strikes, Gambit, etc.

This resource is the only way to unlock the Umbral Engram mechanic. You must use the Prismatic Recaster next to the Drifter in order to focus this type of engram. These will have various upgrades, but more or less function like Legendary or Exotic engrams.

Written by Andrew Smith