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Destiny 2 Runic Chest | How to Get

Destiny 2 Runic Chest - How to Get

In the newest update, Destiny 2 has brought some new content! Whether you’re just grinding through the story or putting your nose to the raids, you’ll find yourself bumping into the new reward structure. That’s right; we now have to contend with a Runic Chest at the end of each mission. These chests are resource checks that you’ll run into quite often if you’re playing Destiny 2‘s newest content. So, what are they? How do they work? And what do you need to do to open them? We have your back!

How to Get the Runic Chest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Runic Chest

You receive a Runic Chest for completing PsiOps battle missions in Destiny 2. You can collect them from the H.E.L.M., similar to missions you receive from other NPCs during the gameplay loop of Destiny 2. If you receive a Runic Chest, you’ll need to use Psychogenic Intel, which can be obtained from Fynch on the Throne World or by completing campaign missions. Opening a Runic Chest will grant you two Risen Umbral Energy, in addition to the rewards that the mission offers otherwise.

You need 500 Psychogenic Intel if you want to crack one of these suckers open. Thankfully that’s not actually too difficult. It’ll require a bit of grinding on the Witch campaign, or a bit of work for Fynch. But, overall, you’ll earn 500 pretty naturally.

The Risen Umbral Energy you get is how you Focus pieces of gear in this season. Two will let you focus two general engrams. Four will allow you to focus armor, and nine will let you focus a weapon.

If you’re tired of grinding Psychogenic Intel, you can also get Risen Umbral Energy from the War Table. This will have you spend Insight instead, but that can be a bit easier to farm for some players.

No matter what, for right now, the best method of farming your early Witch upgrades are PsiOps battlegrounds activities. Good luck on your farm! If you need additional information about Destiny 2‘s past events, we can help you out.

Written by Andrew Smith