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Destiny 2 Secant Filaments | How to Get

Destiny 2 Secant Filaments - How to Get

Armor in Destiny 2 is a lot more useful than in most looter shooters. Armor is not only your defensive score; it also pushes your Light Level and bumps up your raw damage. If that wasn’t enough, legendary and exotic pieces of armor tend to roll very interesting abilities. Whether you’re grabbing gear from the duality dungeon or just trying to fit together a new character, you’re going to want to know the best armor options available to you. The Secant Filaments should be in the mind of any Warlock player in The Witch Queen, but let’s figure out why.

How to Get Secant Filaments in Destiny 2

How to Get Secant Filaments in Destiny 2

The Secant Filaments can be found by completing The Witch Queen‘s campaign on legend difficulty. Alternatively, they can be farmed in Legend and Master-Difficulty lost sectors. Ikora’s armor will not be optimal for high-level play, but will allow you to start seeing more pieces of the armor throughout the game. Otherwise, farming lost sectors will be the way to go.

Ikora’s rewards will be handy. However, Ikora offers more than just this piece of armor! If you’re sure that the Secant Filaments are the pair of pants for you, go for it! Otherwise, you might want to consider farming Lost Sectors. You’ll need to farm them solo, and on at least Legend difficulty, if you want your chance at this armor with a high Light score on them.

But why are these pants so in-demand? Specifically for the Void Warlock Subclass, these are kinda nuts! The Secant Filaments have the ability Devouring Rift, which only activates when equipped by a Void Warlock. The Empowering Rift grants Devour and Overload Shot. Devour will allow you to lifesteal off of kills. Overload Shot causes bullets to stun enemies and lower their damage output.

These pants are a defensive machine. For mobbing in PvE, you will be difficult to kill as long as you and your group is doing consistent damage. However, this is not as useful in PvP. Disrupting bullets can be handy, but you’re likely missing out on the full potency of Devour. Still, the Secant Filaments are definitely worth farming on every Void Warlock!

Written by Andrew Smith