Destiny 2 | Solo Exotic Puzzle | How To Get The Imperious Sun Shell

With the new update in Destiny 2, the players were given a whole new raid called “Vow of the Disciple”. The launch of the new raid offers us new weapons and armor, new awesome cosmetics to earn, and a brand new exotic ghost. To earn this ghost you will need to perform a puzzle inside the pyramid.

It is a tough challenge to beat because nothing is displayed on the puzzle pieces themselves. Some players find it hard to solve this puzzle. That is why this guide will help you out solving the puzzle in the Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2.

How to Solve the Puzzle for the Imperious Sun Shell Ghost – Destiny 2

Once you enter the raid, you will need to make your way forward inside the pyramid where you will first pass a giant dissected worm that is concealed in a glass box. Once you pass that room, you will enter the Acquisition room. This is the zone where the second encounter will take place, and also where you will be doing the puzzle.

Once you enter the second area of the pyramid, you will stumble upon a giant room filled with symbols.

There are a total of 25 symbols that you can interact with. Each symbol has its own name if you aim towards it while standing in front of it. The name of the symbol will be displayed on the top left corner of the map, just under the map.

This is good a good thing that is helpful in multiplayer mainly. You and your team can work together by calling out each puzzle and solving it in the right order. For a single-player its recommended to memorize the name of the symbols or write them down just to make sure you don’t have a hard time solving this puzzle, it’s not hard memorizing or writing them down because you will only need to write down a total of 3 symbols and 3 actions.

To make sure what piece of the puzzle needs to go in the correct order, you will need to go and find a secret room that is accessible through a secret wall at the eastern side of the room.

Once you enter drop from the hidden room, simply turn around and you will see another wall with a bunch of pieces from the same puzzle. Once you aim towards the pattern for the puzzle, under the map you will see stating “Remember”. That is a sign to remember what the pattern says and how to solve the puzzle.

Before interacting with the puzzle, it’s best to understand the wall. There are a total of 3 horizontal rows with different symbols.
In the first row of the symbols, you will see a figure of a man with his hands spread and some light shining above him. If you saw this symbol in the top room you could have seen that the name of this symbol is “Guardian”. The guardians are referred to as the players, which is you.

The second row of symbols will tell us how to interact with the symbols on the top floor. The eye drop that looks like a tear, represents enter, meaning melee the symbol.

The second symbol that looks like a pyramid that has lightning shining from its tip represents an interaction. Meaning that you need to interact with the given symbol.

The third and final symbol that is on the last row that looks like a red ball being pierced with a down-facing triangle means to kill. To successfully solve this symbol, you will have to shoot it.

The third row of symbols can change, meaning that it’s not always the same as the picture shows. Upon failing a sequence, the third horizontal row changes, and the remaining two stay the same. So for this example on the picture you need to memorize that you need to firstly:

  • The Guardian needs to melee attack the Black Garden Symbol (First vertical row)
  • The Guardian needs to melee attack the Earth Symbol (Second vertical row)
  • The Guardian needs to commune/activate the Stop Symbol (Third vertical row)
  • The Guardian needs to shoot/kill the Hive Symbol (Fourth vertical row)

A small trick here is that you don’t need to do all four symbols but best to have the pattern prepared for anything. Some players have found out that you only need to do the symbols that you can either melee attack or commune.

In none of the puzzles do people need to shoot the symbols if you are doing it in multiplayer. Make sure to check the pattern wall upon wiping or dying because it can change.

Once you have finished the puzzle, all the symbols will go black and you will receive a lore book “Vow of the Disciple” which is part of the ghost shell.

Written by Borut Udovic

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