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Destiny 2 Stacks on Stacks | How to Get

Destiny 2 Stacks on Stacks - How to Get

In a game with as many weapons as Destiny 2, the chances are you’ll want to customize your loadout. One way to do so is using a specific weapon mod called Stacks on Stacks. This allows you to increase the number of light stacks you can hold with certain weapons. When equipped most efficiently, it means you’ll practically never run out of this type of ammo. For tips on how to get Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2, we’re here to help.

How to Get Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2

How to Get Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2

As with most other weapon mods, you can get Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2 by going to vendors. In particular, there’s a vendor called Ada-1 who sells combat mods such as Stacks on Stacks. You can find her in The Tower, the main hub world within Destiny 2. Simply track her down on the mini-map, approach her, and you can purchase this particular mod.

That is, if she has it in stock. Ada-1 sells four different combat mods each day, with her stock rotating randomly every 24 hours. Therefore, there’s no guarantee that if you interact with her one day that she’ll have Stacks on Stacks for sale. As such, you’ll need to diligently check back daily, seeing what’s on offer until that particular mod is available.

Stacks on Stacks isn’t an especially combat mod though. It sets you back 10,000 Glimmer if you choose to purchase it from Ada-1. However, it can be incredibly useful in battle. For every stack you gain, you get an extra charged light stack. If you’re using a light weapon that will prove invaluable, acting as a near-infinite source of ammunition. Despite the name though, you can’t stack more than one of this mod on top of each other. It makes sense, to prevent too many OP light weapons, but it doesn’t fit in with the name, at least!

As such, it’s almost entirely luck-based when trying to get Stacks on Stacks in Destiny 2. You’ll have to cross your fingers to hope that Ada-1 has it in stock the first time you visit!

Written by Andrew Smith