Destiny 2: Top 5 Builds for Grandmasters in Season 18

Destiny 2 has recently received a new season called Season of Plunder which adds new weapons, raids, quests, activities and new areas to explore. Grandmaster Nightfalls are now back in the news season and they are extremely difficult challenges which are a part of the end-game content that lasts for weeks. Players often look forward to participating in these Grand Master Nightfalls as they offer great rewards and loot while requiring a high power level and unique modifiers.

This guide will tell you about the top 5 builds for Grandmaster in Season 18.

Top 5 Builds for Grandmasters in Season 18 – Destiny 2

1. Osmiomancy Shadebinder

This is a great beginner friendly for players who are new to Grandmasters because of its straightforward nature and ease of use while being powerful enough when used by a veteran player.

It is a Stasis Warlock build that takes advantage of the Osmiomancy gloves to freeze everything in your surroundings with the Infinite Coldsnap grenades making it a breeze as you destroy levelled enemies and freeze them in their path. You will need to use the Iceflare Bolts aspect to chain your freezes and Glacial Harvest to turn those freezes into Stasis Shards.

The Elemental Shards and Elemental Charge mods will turn those shards into stacks of shards with Light feeding into triple firepower to give you more Coldsnap grenades.

As far as the fragments are concerned, using Whisper of Conduction and Rime will allow the shards to track back to you and give you an overshield.On the other hand, Whisper of Chains will give you a nice damage reduction and the Whisper of Rending will allow your Kinetic Weapons to deal extra damage against anything you freeze.

2. Storm Grenade Titan

The Storm Grenade Titan mostly focuses on damage allowing you to deal devastating damage with the new Touch of Thunderstorm grenades that decimate groups and single targets alike.

Due to the nature of the grenades, you can easily kill enemies without exposing yourself to damage while returning fire.

This Arc Titan build requires you to spam enhanced storm grenades at your enemies and continue spamming until you run out of grenades. You will need to use the Touch of Thunder Arc aspect and Knockout with the Heart of Inmost light chest piece as well as the Thruster ability for maximum spam.

For Fragments, you can go with the Spark of Magnitude and Spark of Shock to further enhance the damage of the grenades. You can also use it with the Spark of Ions to get more out of those grenades and the Spark of Resistance to get more survivability.

Elemental Charge and Elemental Ordnance allow you to become charged with Light from grenade kills while the Three copies of Firepower will refund your chunks of grenade energy. While this build can seem lacking in team utility and survivability, it redeems itself through the high damage with a fireteam covering the rest of the base can help you cause massive destruction.

3. Omnioculus Nightstalker

This Void Hunter build is probably the best in terms of survivability making you near invincible and protecting you from shots. You can easily dive deep behind enemy lines and kill the priority targets there with excellent precision thanks to the invisibility rotation.

This can be pretty useful if one of your teammates goes down, you can easily revive them no matter where they are and also make them invisible so they can escape to a safe spot. If you manage to master this skill then you are practically invincible and no one can kill you.

You will need to use the Trapper’s Ambush and the Vanishing Steps Void Aspect with the Omnioculus chest piece. As far as the fragments are concerned, you can go with the Echo of Persistence to make your invisibility last longer and the Echo of Obscurity to use finishers and become more invisible. You can also use the Echo of Remnants to make the Vox grenades more potent.

Reaping Wellmaker, Bountiful Walls and double Elemental Ordnance will allow you to create plenty of Void wells to recharge your abilities and the Well of Utility will provide you with extra energy for the Gamber’s Dodge ability. In order to take full advantage of this build, you need good skills and finesse to master it.

4. Phoenix Wellock

This build is based around the Well of Radiance and it is an incredibly strong super that always manages to find its way into endgame content. We will be using the Phoenix Protocol in this build to use the Well of Radiance as frequently as possible.

The Double Ashes to Assets will allow you to use the Well of Radiance almost continuously and you can use two of them in the same fireteam to chain the Wells. You will need to use the Touch of Flame Solar Aspect with the Fusion grenades to get the maximum grenade kills for the Ashes to Assets and select either the Heat Rises or Icarus Dash depending on your playstyle.

For the fragments, we will be using the Ember of Combustion Solar Fragment to ignite those targets and the Ember of Eruption to make those ignitions larger. You also have the Ember of Char and Ember of Ashes to trigger massive ignition chains against a group of tanky enemies.

As far as the Armour Mods are concerned, you can go with Bountiful Wells, double Elemental Ordnance, Explosive Wellmaker and Seeking Wells to get the maximum solar spam. In terms of team utility, this build is unparalleled in terms of team utility thanks to massive area damage.

5. Assassin’s Cowl Arcstrider

The Assassin’s Cowl Arcstrider or the Chain Lightning Punch as some people call it is probably the most overpowered build for Grandmaster. The constant invisibility allows you to easily sneak up on enemies while the chain lighting and arc explosions can easily wipe swarms of enemy hordes.

You can easily annihilate a 25-power over levelled champion with just two punches on their face by sneaking up on them before they can realize that you are there. The Combination Flow Arc Ability and Gambler’s Dodge Class ability make up the core of the build.

You will need to use the Lethal Current Arc and the Flow State Arc aspects to get the chain lightning punches and the massive damage from the lighting aftershock.

For the fragments, you can go with the Spark of Resistance to get more resistance from incoming damage and the Spark of Feedback to increase your melee damage when you get hit. Similarly, the Spark of Recharge will help you regenerate your melee and grenade energy when you are critically wounded while the Spark of Amplitude will create more Orbs when you are amplified.

As far as the Armour Mods are concerned, you go with the Melee Wellmaker with the Well of Ions to get a boost for your melee damage. You can also use the Elemental Charge to get charge yourself with lightning and Striking Light to turn those stacks into Orbs of Power.

Powerful friends on the other hand activate the secondary effect of the Striking Light to provide a sprinting damage reduction and increase in mobility. Make sure that you bring a One-Two punch shotgun along for the maximum damage

That’s it, these are the best top 5 builds for the Grandmaster Nightfall!

Written by Borut Udovic

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