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Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules | How to Get

Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules - How to Get

There seems to be no limit to the demand for powerful weapons in Destiny 2. Every new season and every new mode seems to introduce new, even more impressive weapons with which to take down your enemies. This also means Upgrade Modules are just as much in demand, as they directly affect your Power Level, and thus which modes you can participate in. We’ll show you the many ways you can acquire these much-needed modules.

How to Get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

How to Get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

Banshee-44 and Ada-1

These two Tower vendors will be more than happy to sell you Upgrade Modules. Bear in mind, while their required material amounts are the same, the planetary material they want changes daily. Be prepare with the following to buy Upgrade Modules from them:

  • 1x Enhancement Core
  • 10x Legendary Shards
  • 25x Planetary Materials (varies day by day)
  • 5,000x Glimmer

In addition to purchasing, with regard to Banshee-44, you can also gain 4x Upgrade Modules from them for upgrading your gunsmith rank.

The Witch Queen Campaign

If you haven’t played this campaign at all, you would be wise to go through it. Each encounter in this campaign will reward you with a chest that will always contain an Upgrade Module. If you’re up for the challenge, playing it on Legendary gives twice the awards after each encounter. Keep in mind that these are only awarded once per character, so going through it again would be a waste of time if you’re solely looking for more Modules.

Valor and Infamy Rewards

As long as you’ve reset their rankings at least once, the Ritual Vendors will award 3x Upgrade Modules with each rank up. This takes quite a bit of time investment, so I’d only recommend doing this as long as you’re actively making your way through Rituals.

Season Pass

Season Pass tracks are always loaded with Upgrade Modules. If you don’t have any qualms about buying some Silver and unlocking the paid track, you will walk away from the season with up to 31x Upgrade Modules as long as you reach the max rank.

The next two methods are viable ways to get Upgrade Modules, but I personally don’t recommend either due to earning them being left to chance.

Modularity Ghost Mods

Ghost Shells with Modularity give a chance for your character to gain a Module by either winning Crucibles, or finishing Vanguard Strikes or Nightfalls, depending on the Shell equipped.

Concentrated Mattergem

You can buy these from Eververse for the sum of 200 Bright Dust. Using one will give a chance for a defeated boss to drop a Module. These only last for one boss, however, and I must stress this doesn’t guarantee a drop, only a chance. Due to this, I do not recommend this method for Upgrade Module farming.

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Written by Andrew Smith