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Destiny 2 Wellspring | How to Unlock

Destiny 2 Wellspring - How to Unlock

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been a fairly great expansion so far in terms of raw content. There’s a lot to do, from farming the new dungeon to exploring the new areas that have been added. One of the new activities available in Destiny 2 is known as the Wellspring. This new mechanic is important for farming, especially for newer players who are just starting the most recent expansion. So, if you’re having trouble finding this new activity in The Witch Queen, there are a few things you should check for.

How to Unlock the Wellspring in Destiny 2

How to Unlock the Wellspring in Destiny 2

In order to unlock the Wellspring, you must first complete the Spring of Power quest from Fynch in Savathûn’s Throne World. This is the most recent map for Destiny 2, so you’ll have to progress the story to this point first. Then, after you complete the quest from the Vendor, you’ll be able to access the activity.

You can begin the activity by looking at the Throne World map and going to the Wellspring icon. This icon will change between “Attack” and “Defense” throughout the day, but will always have up to 6 players. If you do not see this icon, you may need to make sure you’ve completed the quest from Fynch first!

The two modes are fairly similar to one another, but have different objectives. In Attack, you simply push forwards with your firing team to clear the bridge and assault the Spring. You will climb a tower by jumping on springs and guiding a Resonant Splinter to push an objective.

For Defend, you’ll be clearing enemy waves in multiple timed events. This will simply have you moving to multiple locations while taking out specific hoards. There will be less movement in general here, but you’ll still need to pay a bit of attention to the fight.

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Written by Andrew Smith